• Simplifying the website
    provisioning experience of
    service providers and developers

The leading cloud platform to run and grow applications, websites and hosting businesses

Plesk simplifies web management activities to align with the way infrastructure is used today for hosting websites and web applications. As the most widely used web management solution, Plesk provides everything a web professional needs to set up a website quickly and securely – including a WordPress Toolkit, an easy-to-navigate control panel, server level automation, supportability tools, and complete protection with our server-to-site security core.

Find Your Fit with Four Editions

As the web hosting industry becomes increasingly specialized, so has the need for targeting web management solutions to a specific audience. With four editions to choose from, service providers can build off anchor features to create niche solutions for key users like web professionals and application developers.

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Mass-Management Made Easy - New Plesk Features

From providing a streamlined user interface to enabling incremental site backups, Plesk offers the tools that website owners need most. Whatever the end user's priorities might be, Plesk allows them to focus more on their larger goals and spend less time on administration and maintenance.

  • Streamlined Administrative
    User Interface
  • Mobile Browser
  • PHP Developer-Ready Environment
  • Self-Repair Tools
  • Rapid Site Backups
  • Improved Migration Tools

Streamlined Administrative User Interface

Complete even the most complicated tasks in as few clicks as possible. The intuitive user interface allows web developers to easily install and manage their websites from a single platform.

Mobile Browser

With complete mobile browser support, web developers can manage their websites from anywhere at any time – making it possible to respond to customer requests without being tethered to a specific location.

PHP Developer-Ready Environment

Due to the PHP Select capability, end users can migrate easily to a new hosting environment regardless of the PHP version that their applications were built on. Pre-installed modules for developers also include code caching and offer a high degree of isolation for websites and web applications.

Self-Repair Tools

Isn’t it great when issues fix themselves? Automated healing and recovery functionality is built into Plesk so many technical issues can self-repair without needing skilled support.

Rapid Site Backups

Save your work while saving time. Thanks to incremental site backups, designers and developers are able to save only what has been recently changed or is otherwise in need of backup – they no longer need to run a backup on the entire website as a result of a minor update.

Improved Migration Tools

We’re easing the hassles of migration, especially for users of previous Plesk versions or cPanel. You’ll have access to reliable tools that expedite the migration process as much as possible.

Save Time with
the WordPress Toolkit

With new Plesk management tools for WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system just became even easier and more efficient to use. Through the built-in WordPress Toolkit, Plesk allows web professionals to mass-manage themes and plug-ins while simplifying their back-end administrative requirements.

Simplifying the Service Provider Experience

In addition to new features that improve the web professional’s experience, we’re introducing important updates for service providers and resellers. The latest editions of Plesk include advanced reseller, subscription, and account management tools for configuring service plans, automation rules, and multi-tenant hosting.

Improved Supportability for Service Providers

Support engineers will benefit from more efficient server administration and Plesk maintenance with an extended set of command line interface (CLI) tools.

Full-Featured SDK

Customize the Plesk environment with a software development kit (SDK) that fits the reseller’s needs with a wide range of third-party extensions.

Updated UX for Application Development

Solving common web application development scenarios has never been simpler than with the Plesk updated user interface. The improved UX offers reworked file operations, code editors, site previews, and a log browser for faster troubleshooting.

Complete Security with a Single Click

The Plesk Security Core provides server-to-site protection from the most common website attacks and from malicious users. With Plesk, providers can up-level their server and website security while increasing their revenue per user. Service providers who choose to offer additional security can select the ServerShield Plus add-on, which enables an advanced firewall across all domains with a single click. This stops threats before they reach the server, works on the network edge, and doesn’t require the installation of any additional hardware or software.

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Upsell the Perfect Package with Plesk Add-ons

With a large variety of available add-ons, service providers can meet the unique needs of their end users
while encouraging upselling.

  • Developer Pack

  • ServerShield Plus by

  • Control Suite
    for Windows

  • MagicSpam

  • Email Security Pack with
    Kaspersky AV and MagicSpam

  • Email Security Pack with
    Premium AV and MagicSpam

  • Server and
    Site Security Pack

  • SIDEKICK.pro

Developer Pack

Add support for PgSQL, MSSQL, Tomcat, and ColdFusion.

ServerShield Plus by CloudFlare

Enable advanced reporting for websites, website reputation monitoring, malware protection, and DDoS protection.

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Control Suite for Windows

Provide DotNetNuke and WordPress supportability tools for Windows.

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Target and remove spam and junk mail before they reach inboxes with this anti-spam product designed for specific email servers.

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Email Security Pack with Kaspersky AV and MagicSpam

Combine traditional and proactive technologies to provide dependable email anti-virus protection.

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Email Security Pack with
Premium AV and MagicSpam

Provide reliable, efficient, and cost-effective protection of customer mailboxes with this
virus-scanning and filtering software.

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Server and Site Security Pack

While the Plesk Security Core is included in all Plesk 12 editions, this upgrade adds the complete set of ModSecurity rules with daily updates and Server Shield Plus.

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Place interactive Plesk tutorials at the user’s fingertips, while increasing retention and decreasing costly support tickets. These in-context, self-serve tutorials take users step-by-step through tasks using text, voice, and visual guides.

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Free Migration Support

Odin is now offering free installation, migration, and upgrade assistance to license owners of Plesk. Customers who are not Plesk license owners (or who only have trial licenses) should contact their license provider for details.

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